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Our team has over 20 years of hospitality experience under their belt and are no strangers to the needs of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Using this wealth of knowledge, we have joined forces to create a hospitality supplies hub for all your cocktail, bar and kitchen needs. From fresh produce and juice, to dry goods, barware and everything in between.

We juice, chop, slice and dehydrate anything you may need, all while taking pride in creating a partnership with our clients that goes beyond the usual standards of our competitors. We will learn your individual needs and offer tailored products and services.

Citrus WA is your customer-focused supplier who are from hospitality, for hospitality. 

Fruits, oranges, tangerines, green pears, grapefruit in boxes on supermarket shelves. Fres
About Team

Meet The Team


Lee Bardsley


After 12 years running bars, nightclubs and restaurants across the globe, Lee took the reigns of Citrus WA after seeing the need for a customer-focused hospitality supplier in Perth. 

Lee takes a hands-on approach to the role, ensuring customer needs are met, and quality standards remain consistently high.

Katie Website Headshot_edited.jpg

Katie Booker

Marketing & Admin

Citrus WA takes a community focus approach and Katie is the organiser behind it all, using her background in restaurant management to make it all happen.

Want Citrus WA to be involved with your project or just have a general enquiry? Katie will be your port of call.

See you at the bar!

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