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processed vegetable fruit sliced cut chop

Processed Fruit & Vegetables

Cut, sliced, chopped and shredded to your requirements. Includes bar and kitchen prep alike. 

A glass of squeezed lemon juice and lemons around..jpg

Fresh Juice

 A large variety of daily freshly squeezed and cold-pressed juices.

Whole Fruit and Vegetables

From basics to more hard to come by finds, including both local and imported fruit and vegetable lines. 

Assortment of fresh vegetables. Carrot garlic kohlrabi onion celery cucumber parsnip and r

Garnishes and Dehydrated Fruit

Edible flowers, dehydrated fruit and other garnishes. 

Citrus WA - Cubbage Photo - 02.11.2021-19.jpg

Fresh Juice

Image by Agence Olloweb

Product Sourcing

Need something weird or wonderful? Let us know and we'll get on the case.

7 day delivery perth hospitality

7 Day Delivery

Same day delivery for orders placed before 3am. Forgot to order? Emergency deliveries available.

Syrups, Purees and Cocktail Coldbrew

Giffard Syrups and Purees and cocktail cold brew.

giffard syrup puree.png

Dairy and Eggs

Milk, cream, eggs and other dairy products.

Milk and eggs.jpg

Want to see it all?

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